If you’re excited about making money with solar crypto mining AND building groundbreaking tech then you might want to read on. 

You could have been watching the crypto space for a while, and now you’re convinced to get involved, set up a crypto mining rig, and start making money. 

At these prices, crypto is more profitable than it’s been in years, so why not start now? What’s to stop you from lots of $$$$$$ and rocket emojis?

Well, there’s one thing, but it’s a big thing: ENERGY COSTS.

Without solar, crypto mining infrastructure uses a LOT of expensive electricity.

Like a LOT.

Remember when as a kid someone would bring a family-sized bag of chips and you thought there was no way your friends could eat it in one sitting, and then of course you did? 

Crypto is like that with electricity, it eats family-sized bags and does it all day, every day.  If you don’t have a cheap source of electricity, you probably won’t make any money.

So what’s a cheap source of electricity? 

Well, it depends. If you live in northern Canada you may have access to some killer hydropower. 

If you’re Lex Luthor you may have a secret fissile SMR (Small Modular Reactor) to power your crypto gear. 

But if you’re an average Joe you’re probably at the mercy of your electric utility. So what are you to do? 

If you’re at the mercy of your electric utility, why not become your own utility? 

Get renewable power from an endless resource that doesn’t charge exorbitant fees to tap it. Sounds good right? 

That’s what MaxedOutSolar’s crypto mining solution can offer you. Solar crypto mining power, but without the high electric bills.

Home-based crypto mining can be extremely lucrative. But without solar power on the roof, you won’t have any rocket emojis and dank STONKS memes, just frowny faces.

That’s where we can help.

Not only can we design affordable solar solutions for your house, but also your garage and external buildings. 

If you want even more power, we can set up ground mount systems, and grid-tied battery backups.

You can build your own mini-Con-Edison in your backyard.  All that matters is that your system works for you after installation, and runs your solar-powered crypto mine!

Besides, if you don’t green your solar crypto mining now, you won’t be making much green in the future. 

In a rapidly warming world, society will quickly move to regulate crypto.

Right now, a lot of crypto mining relies on fossil fuels and greenhouse gas emissions.  Running your rig on brown power means it’ll end up on a brown sludge heap with the rest of the polluters.  Let’s get ahead of the regulation together and make green by going green.

Fill out the form below and MaxedOutSolar will help you get set up with a crypto power solution that’ll make everyone, including your wallet, happy.

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