Are you looking for ways to save the environment?

Most people are.

So, we compiled a list of 7 steps you can use to immediately take action on climate change, and help put us on track to meet our climate goals by 2030. 

However, all the financial savings in the world won’t mean much if we don’t have a livable planet anymore.

So here’s what we recommend doing to get started:

1. Reduce waste

Reducing or eliminating single-use plastics at home and on the job is a great way to save the environment and solve climate change.

We need to eliminate our waste problem, and one of the best alternatives to recycling is stopping waste before it happens.

2. Signing up for community solar can help save the environment, and help you save money

Sign up for community solar as a subscription service.

You can save money, help green the grid, and divest from dirty energy sources at scale. This service is free, quick, and easy to use, and is designed to make affordable solar solutions accessible to entire communities, including renters.

Using community solar is one of the best and easiest ways to have a positive environmental impact.

3. The more you recycle, the greater your environmental impact

To save the environment, recycle as much as possible. But, it’s also important to avoid buying new products as much as possible. Also, try to use as little water as possible, and reduce your overall hot water usage.

Hold a Really, Really Free Market in your neighborhood, like these people did!

4. Stop using harmful chemical products

Additionally, avoid using chemical products that create wastewater runoff.

This is one of the biggest issues affecting the health of the Chesapeake Bay, and Baltimore Harbor.

We need to be especially careful about what lawn care products we use, and who we hire to do lawn care in our neighborhoods. 

5. Cut up six-pack rings

Cutting up six-pack rings is a great way to save the environment.

Taking these extra steps helps prevent wildlife from being caught, hurt, and killed by consumer packaging.  If you can avoid buying six-packs and create less waste, that’s even better!

6. Cutting back on meat can help save the environment

Reduce or eliminate meat, seafood, and dairy intake by 33% or more.  We don’t want to tell anyone how to live their life or make assumptions about your dietary needs, but if you are willing and able to do this, this is a great way to help fight back against environmental destruction.  

7. Save the environment and join a climate organization

Understand that all of these small but meaningful individual choices ultimately are but mere drops in the bucket compared to the need for entire systems to change, urgently. 

We can do everything in our power as individuals to mitigate the effects of climate change, but ultimately we need to change entire systems, which is a bit harder. 

In conclusion, one of the best things to do to save the environment is to get involved with local climate organizations.

We have a few suggestions for you.