Don’t miss out on the renewable energy powered financial revolution

By: Maxwell Neely & Dylan Petrohilos

So, you want to green your cryptocurrency mine?

Tesla recently announced they would stop accepting Bitcoin payments. In one tweet, this cost investors millions of dollars.

Elon Musk tweeted a heartbroken emoji and the hashtag #Bitcoin. This was an apparent reference to pushback in the news regarding the high energy costs of Bitcoin mining.

Bitcoin mining currently consumes the same amount of electricity as Argentina and other smaller countries.

Cryptocurrency mines face increased scrutiny from government regulators and private sector investors alike. As the climate crisis takes center stage, taking steps to green your cryptocurrency mine with solar energy may be a good solution.

Cryptocurrency miners now face a practical question.

“How do I maintain the value of my investment while also greening my mining operations?”

Miners, therefore, need to take reasonable steps towards accelerating the mass adoption of solar energy and ditch expensive, ecologically destructive energy sources such as coal and oil.

Savvy sustainability investors can make a good deal of money by positioning themselves for the mass adoption of solar energy.

The importance of this moment is something that early adopters can easily envision and understand.

With solar panel prices dropping over 80% in the last decade, going solar is more cost-effective than ever.

Solar is now outperforming natural gas, coal, and even wind energy. Solar provides—in the most advanced economies—the most affordable source of electricity.

In the immediate future, becoming an early adopter of solar could pay off big time for crypto investors worried about looming market regulations.

First, Look Towards Installing Rooftop Solar to Green Your Cryptocurrency Mine

With emerging companies like Maxed Out Solar, it’s easier than ever to green your cryptocurrency mine using solar energy.

With no upfront costs and zero down payment, you can redirect the money you’re already spending on a utility bill and put it to work off a solar loan instead.

Installing rooftop solar is an intelligent business investment. It will enable you to lower your mining expenses, add value to your home, and help you to build equity.

We wrote a free rooftop solar buyer’s guide to make it easy and convenient for you.

Second, Sign Up For A Local Community Solar Energy Farm

Enrolling in a community solar farm is another move you can make to green your mining operation.

This works particularly well if you do not have a good roof for solar or if you’re a renter.

Community solar is a new state-funded program designed to make solar power accessible to as many people as possible, as quickly as possible, for as little money as possible.

The details for community solar tend to vary state by state.

Still, some people can receive a 10% clean energy credit applied to their bills.

Others can receive as much as 30% in the form of a guaranteed, state-funded energy credit.

There is no cost to enroll in community solar, no cost to cancel, and the entire program incentivizes the rapid mass adoption of renewable energy technology.

This technology will make solar widely scalable and is essential to meeting and beating our climate goals.

Third, Consider Investing in or Mining Cryptocurrency Alt Coins like SunCoin, Solarcoin, or Bit Green

Even though Bitcoin reigns as king of the cryptocurrencies, other altcoins are rising, well-positioned to completely disrupt the markets, benefiting from the increased scrutiny.

Some examples of these coins include Suncoin, Solarcoin, and Bit Green. However, there are sure to be others worth mentioning as well.

Many other people are probably having this same idea right now. Don’t wait to take advantage of the financial benefits offered by using solar energy to green your cryptocurrency mining operations.

As the international community continues to divest from state-backed fiat currencies, don’t discount the hidden potential of these lesser-known altcoins.

Nothing is certain, and this is all speculative by its very nature.

Still, over long periods, we could witness increased interest in ecologically friendlier coins and have high market caps. Investing your dividends in ecologically friendly altcoins is a great way to offset risk by diversifying your assets

Fourth, Invest Money Into Green Start-Ups

Electric vehicles and altcoins aren’t the only industries and entities well positioned to benefit from market disruption associated with renewable energy and cryptocurrencies.

There’s also the global commercial drone industry, which is estimated to reach a market share size of over $500B by 2028, according to Businesswire.

Drones are critically necessary for building inspections, agricultural monitoring, insurance claim adjusting, and analyzing solar panels from the air to detect problems before they occur.

Many drones will be using AI and machine learning technology to revolutionize the aerial inspection industry. Let’s not even touch how awesome new transportation drone companies such as Ehang are, we’ll run out of space for the rest of our article.

Beyond Meat and other food production startups are sleeping giants worth keeping a close eye on as well.

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown us how vulnerable the meatpacking industry is to supply chain disruption.

While we are on the subject of regulation in crypto markets, the agricultural sector is likely not very far behind. Take advantage of this while you can by investing in green startups.

Sustainability is a trend that isn’t going away any time soon. The earlier you invest in these new technologies, the more money you could potentially earn in the long run.

Fifth, Invest In Green Technology With Your Traditional Retirement Fund

You can use solar energy to green your cryptocurrency mine, but don’t forget that you can also diversify retirement funds into the aforementioned green startups as well.

Suppose you have a retirement plan that crashed in 2020 when COVID-19 hit. In that case, a great way to bounce back is by divesting into alternative green and renewable energy technologies. Consider booking an appointment with your financial advisor to discuss the options that work for you.

Sixth, Find A Local Organization To Support

Climate activists get a bad rap in the news, but we wouldn’t have clean drinking water without their hard work. While not an investment exactly, there are people putting themselves in harm’s way to protect our planet.

Make sure you get involved with local grassroots organizations, and in addition to investing money, consider investing some time as well. You might make some friends, you might make some professional connections, but most importantly, you’ll make a lasting impact on our climate.

Consider researching local organizing efforts, or donate to the Line Three protest camp.

These brave folks are ultimately protecting our shared water supply. They lay it all on the line, asserting indigenous rights to the land in Northern Minnesota, and keeping oil in the ground where it belongs.

In the end, we can’t enjoy the benefits of going green with our cryptocurrency mines without clean water.

Phytoplankton in the ocean produce between 50-80% of the oxygen in our atmosphere, and protecting your investment means protecting our planet. All the money in the world is worthless if we can’t breathe the air and drink the water.

Investing in green technologies just makes sense.

As Maxed Out Solar pointed out as early as February, society will quickly move to regulate crypto that relies on fossil fuels and greenhouse gas emissions in a rapidly warming world.

Running your rig on brown power means it’ll end up on a brown sludge heap with the rest of the polluters. Let’s get ahead of the regulation together and make green by going green!