Here’s what you need to know. 

So, maybe you’ve decided to get started growing cannabis with solar in Virginia, and you want to make sure your operation is legit.  You’re doing your research on affordable solar energy solutions.

Virginia just legalized growing cannabis at home.

Most people who partake in the greenery and the scenery also consider themselves ecologically responsible decision-makers. We applaud your decision to look into the advantages of going green for your electricity production.

You’re probably a homeowner with good credit, maybe you work from home in the tech industry. Now and then, you like to hit a blunt while you drink your coffee. We get it, we won’t tell.  We just want to help you save money by going solar and greening up your home-based cannabis-growing passion projects. 

Going solar can significantly lower your home-cannabis-growing electricity bills from Dominion Energy.

Perhaps you want to make sure you can charge up your fresh new Tesla. You want to green your home and green that wallet at the same time by switching to clean energy.  Maybe you have a giant pool in the backyard, no trees, and perhaps have some interest in home-based crypto mining.

Virginia residents can make growing cannabis more affordable with our solar energy solutions. Get in on the ground floor with the new green economy and start saving money.

Our goals are to provide you with information to conduct industry research and become informed about the benefits of solar.  If your rooftop is an ideal candidate, you might be able to slash your bills in half or more!

We can talk about it, and together, we’ll design an affordable solar solution that makes financial sense for your needs. 

Solar makes growing cannabis affordable in Virginia!

Whatever the case may be, there are many great reasons to go solar if you’re growing cannabis in Virginia

Our average rooftop solar clients save $26k over 20 years with their new solar-powered electricity bills. In addition to this, since 2003, electricity has nearly doubled in price.  In the past ten years, the cost of purchasing and installing panels has dropped by 80%.  You’ll want to account for a nearly 50% increase in electricity usage if you plan to grow cannabis.

You will want to make sure you receive expert advice, the most trusted equipment, and the best warranty. That’s why you should do business with us. Our long-term business reputation is more important to us than any sale, and we’ll take good care of you.

We don’t install solar panels on any rooftop unless it makes sense. That’s why we are looking for people who grow plants indoors at home. We know how expensive electricity has gotten.

We want to help you save money by lowering your carbon emissions and going solar. Owning solar panels on your rooftop is similar to choosing to buy a house instead of renting: building equity!

Why pay extra money to a utility company that keeps raising the rates higher and higher every year? You could directly own solar panels on your roof and take charge of your electricity production. Start receiving financial credit for your awesome roof, in addition to helping the environment.

The price of electricity in Virginia has skyrocketed while the costs of going solar have dramatically dropped. We can help you save money!

This means that soon, solar-powered rooftops will be an increasingly popular decision for Virginia home-based cannabis growers.

If you’re a homeowner considering growing cannabis, going solar is a great way to significantly reduce your high electricity bills.

Sign up for a free rooftop solar quote, that’s the only way to know whether it makes sense.

You see, unlike a lot of other solar companies, we aren’t in this business just to sell to people

We want our products and services to make sense. That means taking the time to provide affordable solar solutions and real value to our customers.  If solar makes financial sense, let’s do business. 

We can help you save money by growing cannabis with solar in Virginia. All we need from you is to fill out the form on our website.  Once we have a quick call about your roof, we’ll schedule a presentation. Working together, we will design a custom solar solution specifically for your rooftop and your needs. 

If you need panels on the garage, too, we got you covered. We’ll make it work for you. Our goal is to solve problems in your life, not just sell to you. Seriously, why haven’t you filled out our form yet? Let’s get in touch!

Contact us today and see if you qualify! 

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