No, community solar is not a scam at all. Let me explain.

Many of you may ask, “is community solar a scam?” and possibly have second thoughts about using a service you don’t know much about yet. 

One of the things you may consider when deciding whether or not to use a product or service is “if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.” 

However, is community solar a scam? Is community solar a pyramid scheme?

The short answer is no, for both questions. Read on for more.

Community solar is an easily affordable solar solution

It’s 100% free to sign up for community solar. You can do something good for the planet and save money each month.

The ease and simplicity of community solar may leave you wondering what the catch is. I researched community solar for you, so you don’t have to worry about it. 

I put a lot of time, thought, and effort into evaluating this service, including using it myself. The results of my investigation may pleasantly surprise you. 

Please read on and see for yourself. The long answer can be found below.

Sometimes community solar only saves you a little money

The bad news? Sometimes companies mislead people about the amount of money they can expect to save.

It is why we even need to have this conversation to begin with. 

In an era of environmental crisis, I can’t afford to put short-term profits ahead of my long-term reputation. So I don’t do that. I need you to be able to trust me.

My goals are saving you money and saving the planet. I can’t do that if I lose the trust you place in me.

Everyone who uses community solar saves money, easily

Sometimes your community solar savings may be lower than expected. But for a free service? Community solar is a welcome breath of fresh air and will never cost you more money than it saves.

Community solar helps you automatically lower your carbon footprint and pay a lower bill. With the press of a button, you can help the energy grid switch away from more expensive and dirty fossil fuels. 

Community solar works for homeowners AND renters.

The entire sign-up process takes only a few minutes and can be done online from home.

The amount of money you can save over time is wild.  It adds up to about the equivalent of a free month of electricity each year. Your annual savings can total around $70 (low end) to over $200 yearly at zero cost. Community solar is simply a free renewable energy savings credit.

In other words, no other free, quick, and easy-to-use service can save you that much money. A community solar subscription results in automated monthly savings for everyone who uses it. 

And you don’t even need solar panels installed on your house. With solar energy as a subscription service, what’s not to like?

Now what about the best news? 

Community solar saves you money and is good for the environment. 

Community solar farms are nationwide, in zip codes all over the country. You can check my locations page to see where I have project availability and how much you can save where you live since it varies from state to state.

I don’t make bold claims without proof to back them up.

I asked for your trust earlier, and now I will earn it. 

Buckle up. Well-known tech companies such as Microsoft, Akamai, LinkedIn, and VM Ware have all signed on board endorsing community solar and offering it to all employees to green their internal corporate operations.

I know you trust those companies. They aren’t run by a bunch of clowns, after all.  

In addition to the companies named above, climate advocacy organizations like the Maryland Sierra Club and newsrooms such as Bloomberg News have signed on to endorse this revolutionary new clean energy technology.

Those companies listed in the paragraph above are some of the most well-known tech companies today. If they are willing to use community solar at their offices and promote it to their employees, the solar community must be doing something right.

Common Energy is a community solar company with 4.9 stars on Google Reviews

Next, let’s look at the ratings available from the Better Business Bureau. As you can see, Common Energy is held in high regard, with 4/5 stars, with a sample size of 36. At the time of this writing, they have a 4.9 rating on Google Reviews, with a sample size of 35 reviews. 

Common Energy has 4/5 stars from the Better Business Bureau and a B+ rating

My verdict? Community solar helps you save money and helps you save our planet

You can be a climate hero and take action to save our planet. All you have to do is sign up and start saving some money. Community solar is objectively a good thing and is one of the best ways to have an immediate positive environmental impact and lower your bills when you do. The savings may be small, but they are guaranteed and automated. 

Saving money every month with community solar has never been easier. I hope now you can see why this free solar service is so good for Maryland residents, whether you rent or own your home. Everyone can benefit from community solar. No construction is required, and no property ownership is necessary. Giant trees? No problem. When I hook you up with community solar, I don’t do anything to your house anyway. I help you save money, go green, and make it simple.