“Why’s my electric bill so high?”

Does this sound familiar? Are you working from home, running screens, or trying to stay warm while remaining productive? All while juggling household chores and taking care of the kids’ runny noses?

Yeah, thought so.

Thankfully, we have some easy and convenient solutions that may be able to help you afford your high electric bill.

How to lower your electricity bill in the winter, easily

Have you recently noticed an increasing electricity bill?

In the last 20 years, the cost of energy has nearly doubled. Here are a few suggestions to lower your high electric bill in the winter.

If you have high electric bills in the winter, conduct a household electricity use audit

“What time am I washing my clothes? When am I drying them? Would it be worthwhile to dry my clothes naturally instead of using the dryer?”

These are the questions you can ask yourself while conducting an electricity use audit.

There are optimal times to do the laundry that you can research.

This time varies state by state and across different climates. Still, generally, you can find out when your local electric utility company charges you a premium for electricity use during peak hours.

Generally speaking, peak hours tend to be between 4 pm – 8 pm, so avoid doing laundry during peak.

Furthermore, you may consider switching to LED lighting and installing dimmer switches.

While LED lights may cost a little bit more money upfront, they can reduce your energy use by 90% compared to incandescent bulbs.

Installing dimmer switches allows you to customize how much light you are using. You can use only the amount of light you need, resulting in significant performance boosting for your energy efficiency at home.

Obtain a free rooftop solar quote if your electric bill is high

Many people think it’s expensive to switch to rooftop solar, but it’s not.

Remember, you found our site because you want to know, “why’s my electric bill so high?”

We get it. So now you’re researching solar.

It’s a smart move on your part.

Solar doesn’t have to be difficult or confusing anymore. Now switching to solar is easy and affordable.

We wrote a free solar panel buyer’s guide to make it more convenient for you.

If you’re a homeowner with good credit and a good roof, it almost certainly makes financial sense to switch to solar on the roof.

The cost of solar panels has dropped by between 80%-90% in the last ten years.

This means there has never been a better time to consider switching to solar.

Renting and looking for an affordable solar solution? Switch to community solar.

The mass adoption of solar panel technology in the United States must be accessible, affordable, and easy.

That’s where community solar comes in.

Community solar allows homeowners and renters to take advantage of a community solar farm near you.

Everyone who chooses to go green gets a renewable energy savings credit.

The beautiful part is that you only pay for between 70% and 90% of the value of that credit, which leaves you with contractually guaranteed, automated monthly energy bill savings that range from 10% to 30%.

No construction is required on your land, no home modification takes place.

This allows even renters to be included and take advantage of solar’s financial and ecological benefits in your community. Previously solar was available only to homeowners. Now times are changing.

Community solar is an easy and convenient climate solution.

If you’re wondering, “why’s my electric bill so damn high” try our easy and affordable solar solutions and save some money.

In conclusion, there are many ways to lower your high electricity bills in the winter.

Not all of them require any construction or even homeownership. You deserve some easy solutions, and we hope these tips helped. While you’re here, we might as well tell you about our refer-a-friend program.

We pay $1,000 for each positive referral that results in an installed rooftop solar panel system.

We’d love to hook it up for you. If you have a high electric bill in the winter, going solar might be a great way to keep the costs down, put money back into your bank account, and plan for the future.

Contact us today for an easy and free assessment of your roof.