Solar energy independence may seem like a dream, but the reality is that it’s more viable now than ever.

The recent conflict between Russia and Ukraine has put the world on edge. Many fear that this will be yet another in a series of wars over oil. While American oil companies are profiting from war, many Americans wish to switch from oil to solar to promote world peace.

The need for solar energy independence

With the recent conflict between Russia and Ukraine, many people are concerned that the global supply of oil could be disrupted. Choosing solar energy independence ensures your home’s energy supply is never put at risk.

Rather than relying on other countries, switch to solar for your energy needs. There’s no need for gas or coal with solar power. A transition to solar could mean that wars decline over time.

In short, solar energy independence provides us with a viable path towards a more just and peaceful world.

What’s happening with Russia and Ukraine right now?

Russia and Ukraine are in conflict, but what is it all about? And how does it affect you? Much of it has to do with oil. Russia depends on exporting its oil to the rest of the world—its economy would be hit hard if anyone could use solar energy.

Both countries are major players in the energy game, so both need customers. Europe imports gas (primarily from Russia) for heating homes in winter. Much of that gas comes through pipelines that run through Ukraine. This isn’t the only part of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, but it is a big part of it.

Why switch to solar energy?

A solar transition seems like a good idea as we continue towards energy independence. Many people wonder if Russia’s aggression could result in another Cold War. Continuing to rely on oil for energy only strengthens Russia’s power.

Solar energy is more than feasible at this point—it’s necessary for peace in today’s world. By switching to solar energy, we protect our planet from war and help the environment, cutting back on carbon emissions.

The benefits of solar energy independence

Solar panels are not only affordable but also good for the whole planet. Moreover, switching to solar is a great way to reduce our dependence on oil exports from other countries.

Meanwhile, in a step backward for American energy independence, LG recently announced the closure of an Alabama-based solar manufacturing plant.

Unfortunately, this means a loss of many good manufacturing jobs. So the bottom line is that we need to produce our solar panels domestically without importing them.

Think about it—when you generate energy with American-made solar panels, you’re not sending your hard-earned dollars off to the rich in other countries. Instead, you’re keeping your money right here in America, and supporting local economies.

Most importantly, your investment means owning part of our local energy infrastructure yourself! A shift toward solar energy will help create millions of good union jobs, and bring about a more peaceful world.

Start making American solar energy independence a reality

The solar industry has been growing at a rapid pace in recent years.

According to a recent report from the IEA, solar energy is the most affordable form of electricity generation in history. Furthermore, installing solar on your roof is as easy as getting a professional to install any other home appliance. So why not get started now?

Choose the best solar power option for you

Whether you’re interested in solar panel installation on your own roof or supporting a community solar project near you, there are many options available. When deciding which option is best for your needs, consider your long-term goals.

Do you want to switch off oil immediately, with no install, no long-term commitment, and no hassles? Choose community solar. It’s easy, free to sign up, and a great way to save money while doing something good for our planet.

However, choose rooftop solar installation if you’re a homeowner with ample roof space and lots of sunlight. You’ll save tons of money AND add value to your house.

In conclusion, MaxedOutSolar has you covered by offering both options, depending on your needs.

Stand together – save our planet!

Finally, the recent events in Ukraine are just one example of how energy independence can help prevent war. Unfortunately, relying on other countries for oil means we’re giving them power over us.

By switching to solar panels and other renewable energy sources, we can protect ourselves and our planet from conflict-related pollution– not to mention supply chain issues.

Stand together and support renewables by signing up for a free consultation. We’ll help you choose which renewable energy solution is right for your needs.

Together, we can work towards a more peaceful world that runs on solar!