The price of gas has gone through the roof recently. Our solar solutions can help.

Many people are struggling right now, and there’s no shame in that. The problem? For so many people, the price of gas has become unaffordable in 2022, and beyond.

So it’s important to budget accordingly. Most Americans normally spend around $2,000 per year to keep gas in the tank and stay on the road.

However, we aren’t living in normal times. There’s been a pandemic raging for the last two years. More recently, the Russia-Ukraine crisis is impacting the price of gas, internationally.

The price of gas in 2022 has become unaffordable for many people

Additionally, increasing pressure from political and environmental groups means that prices at the pumps are likely to continue to rise.

Thankfully, rooftop solar panel installation can significantly lower your home energy bills, which leaves you with more money.

Solar is a smart investment that adds value to your home, gets your home ready for EV mass adoption, and saves you tons of money on rising electricity bills.

By installing solar on your roof at home, you can do something good for the planet, and save money. Most people usually end up saving money on electricity right away.

In any case, whatever you’re already paying for your home’s energy, we can get that bill much lower if you own your home and have a good roof.

Simply redirect your energy budget spending to pay for solar panels on your roof, and you’ll be set.

Use solar to save up for an EV and forget about high gas prices forever

Installing solar on your roof is the difference between renting energy from a utility at their prices, or producing it yourself, for much less money.

Either way, for homeowners with good credit and a roof that gets lots of sunlight, solar is a common-sense choice. The price of gas is unlikely to go back down anytime soon.

So, if there’s plenty of sun hitting your roof, you might as well see how much money solar can save you.

If you’ve been thinking about buying an EV, buying solar first and locking in at a much lower rate can make electric vehicles more affordable.

That’s why we want to save you money and get you set up with the good stuff.

Don’t forget to check out our free 2022 Rooftop Solar Buyer’s Guide while you’re here.

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