Community solar is well worth it for many reasons. However, you may have questions about it before you’re ready to sign up. Let’s take a look at the top 5 reasons why signing up for community solar is a great decision for you, and for our planet.

Solar as a subscription service, made easy

Community solar requires no homeownership since no installation occurs on your roof. This makes community solar accessible to renters. In other words, community solar is an easy solar solution for so many people. Previously, renters couldn’t receive the benefits of solar. Now, almost anyone can use community solar, as long as you live in an area we service.

Community solar is free

There is no cost to sign up. Everyone who uses community solar saves money, period. Cancellation is free with 90 days of notice. However, sometimes there is a cancellation fee without giving 90 days’ notice. We recommend signing up if you don’t think you’ll be moving anytime soon.

Sign up takes only 5 minutes

There is no other service that is free and this easy to use. You can save money with only a few minutes of your time. The easy signup makes community solar well worth it. Afterward, you’ll receive a renewable energy credit on your utility bills.

Save money easily with community solar

In some states, you can save 10% off your bills. In others, the savings can be as great as 30%! The value of your credit will be worth between $5-20 a month, but sometimes you can save even more money. No matter what, you will save money if you choose community solar.

Using community solar is good for the environment

We have a climate crisis to beat. Thankfully, community solar can help. Community solar prevents carbon emissions before they happen. This means community solar is an unbeatable climate solution. Many people may want carbon capture technology, but isn’t it much better to prevent emissions before they occur?

Community solar is worth signing up for

Do you struggle with the high price of energy? If so, community solar is worth taking a few minutes to sign up and save. The ease, simplicity, and affordability of community solar all combine to create a climate solution that is well worth the small amount of time it takes to sign up.