In Maryland, Community solar is a hot commodity that can save you money and rapidly decarbonize the local energy grid.

You may have heard about community solar coming to Maryland over the last few years, but what does it mean? Community solar is a state-funded clean energy program. Put simply, community solar is a free personal finance and budget service for people with high electricity bills.

How much money will community solar save me?

If you’re a current utility subscriber with BGE, Pepco, or Potomac Edison, community solar can save you about $5-20 monthly on home energy costs. A renewable energy savings credit will be applied. The value of that credit can be as high as 10%.

Is there a discount for low and moderate-income households?

The savings credit is worth up to 30% off your electricity costs for qualified low and moderate-income households.

Is community solar free?

Signing up for community solar is 100% free. You will still have an energy bill, but there will be a renewable energy savings credit worth 10% attached to your bill. However, cancellation requires 90 days of notice to avoid a service fee.

Can I use community solar if I rent?

Yes. Instead of doing construction, we’ll simply pair you with a local community solar farm in Maryland. This allows you to benefit from solar energy even if you live in a shaded area or an urban apartment. Either way, you’ll pay a lower bill and protect local biodiversity and climate health. The ease and simplicity of community solar make it an appealing option for renters on a budget.

Where can I learn more?

Community solar is way forward for climate action is a letter to the editor of the Frederick News Post.

Furthermore, we did an interview with the Frederick News Post. You can read it here.

You can also learn about community solar here on the Maryland Public service commission website.