Community solar is legit. It makes it possible for renters to save money with solar.

It’s a free service, first of all. It costs nothing to enroll in a community solar farm. Secondly, community solar does not require homeownership. Finally, to reduce carbon emissions and energy costs, renters need to be able to go solar.

So here’s how community solar can help you budget better and live your best life.

An easy way for renters to lower energy costs

Some of the most legit benefits of community solar are simple: ease and accessibility.

Community solar works by allowing you to switch to a local solar farm at no extra cost. In fact, renters who change to community solar are guaranteed to save money. You can choose solar even if you don’t own your home.

Communtiy solar makes solar access an easy choice. By rewarding you with lower bills when you switch, community solar ensures the clean energy transition will be fair and equitable.

This home switched to community solar
Go green and save.

Community solar is a legit tool to prevent carbon emissions

Community solar gives you a legit tool to take on the climate crisis.

Previously, going solar was not easy or accessible for most. Now, with community solar, it is. You don’t need to own your home to go solar anymore. That’s a huge game-changer.

Community solar is not the only solution for the climate crisis but one tool in the toolbox. Community solar is a legit choice if you’re tired of skyrocketing fossil fuel prices.

The time to act on climate is now

The science is clear, and we all know solar is better for the environment than fossil fuels.

There are very few downsides with community solar. You can benefit without needing to install solar on your roof. This helps you if you live in apartment buildings or shady wooded areas.

Distributing solar to an entire community is no small task, so we need to build solar farms in strategic locations. By making a smart decision about where you source your power, you can save money and take climate action all at once.

The evidence is clear: community solar is one of the most legit ways to make a difference.