If you saw the ad that says “free solar panels md” RUN the other way

The best solar company in Maryland may sound like a lofty goal, but that’s what we aim for. Maxed Out Solar ensures Maryland saves the Chesapeake Bay, cleans up Baltimore Harbor, and protects the Potomac and the Monocacy from pollution.

Using a solar energy system instead of fossil fuels can save you money on energy costs, but it can also help protect the value of land in Maryland by reducing carbon emissions. As a local Maryland solar installer, we aim to look out for the natural beauty of Maryland and the financial well-being of the people who live and work here.

We will continue to be the best solar company in Maryland by offering personalized and trustworthy solar recommendations.

Maryland solar panel incentives make solar power easy and affordable

To be the best solar company in Maryland, we need to be able to provide you with good information. So we took the time to research the solar incentives available for Maryland residents. What we found may be helpful if you’re considering installing solar. Don’t forget about your federal solar tax credit.

It’s easy and affordable to buy solar panels in Maryland

We install solar energy systems all over Maryland. If you have questions about your home’s eligibility for solar installers in Maryland, send us a text, email, or call us.

Solar panel installers in Western and Central Maryland

Our solar installation territory ranges as far west as Clear Spring, Big Pool, and Hagerstown, Maryland. We also service all of Frederick County, Carroll County, and Montgomery County.

Solar installers in Baltimore, MD

We can also install solar panels in Baltimore City and all of Baltimore County.

Solar installers on the Eastern Shore in the Chesapeake Bay area

We provide rooftop solar panel installation services across the entire Eastern Shore of Maryland. Our solar panel installers cover Howard County, St Mary’s County, Anne Arundel County, and Charles County.

Our solar warranty protects Maryland homeowners

Maryland homeowners are covered for 30 years. This solar warranty includes parts, labor, gap coverage, and rooftop penetration. In other words, even though damage to the roof is rare, you are covered if it happens.

Our solar installation company warranty is backed by Lloyd’s of London, an insurance company that has been around longer than the United States. Even if Maxed Out Solar goes out of business, you are protected no matter what. The warranty is also transferable to new homeowners even if you sell your house.

Using solar energy saves you money

There are so many good reasons to install solar. Producing energy locally will save Maryland residents money. Producing energy should be part of every local economy, and Maryland homeowners should own your energy instead of renting it.

Roof solar panel installation is a good investment for your home

In the last decade, the cost of energy has skyrocketed in Maryland. Solar panel installation for your roof may be a good investment. In Maryland, the cost of solar panels has dropped 53% in the last decade. Our average customers in Maryland save five figures, usually $25,000 or more.

Maxed Out Solar aims to be among Maryland’s best solar companies

Buying energy from BGE and Potomac Edison is too expensive.

However, installing solar helps Maryland families gain financial freedom by producing your own energy. Homes with solar installed on the roof also sell faster on the market and for more money.

One of the biggest reasons to switch? Solar panels are a smart real estate investment for financially savvy Maryland homeowners.

Why are we the best solar company in Maryland? Because we wrote you a maxed out solar panel buying guide. Check it out and see how much money you can save by booking a free appointment.

Community solar helps low-income Maryland residents save money

Many Maryland solar companies only focus on installation. We take care of renters and low-income homes too. Community solar is a new program for Maryland residents to use power from a local solar farm instead of the utility. Everyone who switches to community solar saves money.

Maryland has some of the highest levels of wealth inequality and environmental inequality. Thanks to community solar, you don’t need wealth to benefit from solar energy. Qualified low-income Maryland households can save up to 30% off energy costs by switching to community solar.

We are the best solar company in Maryland because we offer community solar to Maryland residents. Solar should include everyone, not just those who own a home.

We work with grassroots climate groups in Maryland

Sometimes we volunteer growing veggies at community gardens, and other times we help the Maryland Sierra Club design messaging for their homepage. We are community activists who truly care about the people we live and work with.

As a solar company with Maryland roots, we offset the cost of all carbon emissions created during manufacturing. After all, we know protecting nature is important.

We do what we can to give back and appreciate every opportunity to do business with people who share our values. If you are connected to Maryland climate groups and may be interested in fundraising events, please reach out. Please get in touch with us if you’d like us to link to your local Maryland climate group.

Our local solar company has been featured in Maryland news

Maxwell Neely, your local Maryland solar consultant, is originally from Frederick. He recently wrote a letter to the editor of the Frederick News Post, stating community solar is the way forward for climate action.

Additionally, we have done two other interviews with the Frederick News Post.

Max wants to make it easy for Maryland residents to sign up for community solar. Here’s the article that talks about our launch. And here’s a second interview we did with the Frederick News Post.

Finally, Max was also recently interviewed by Baltimore Voyage. Max provides Maryland residents with familiar, trustworthy, and reliable solar advice from the person they know instead of the business they don’t.