Solar Without Panels

Find A Project Near You No cost. No risk.

Make smarter budgeting decisions with community solar as a subscription.

Get a renewable energy credit for solar without modifying your roof at all.  How much better does it get than that? Switch off fossil fuel pipelines and save money by going green. You don’t even need to own your home.

Save up $240 a year by switching

Everyone who uses community solar saves some money each month.

Savings typically range from $5-20, but sometimes we’ve heard of people saving more. Who doesn’t like saving extra money? It may not sound like a lot, but it’ll add up quick, and it’s free to switch. Contractually guaranteed, automated savings.

Save hundreds per year-- for free. Even if you rent.

Save hundreds per year-- for free. Even if you rent.

Saving money isn’t easy, but this is one of the best ways to do it. Most people who switch to community solar will save at least $100-200 per year. There’s no extra costs or hidden fees to get community solar.

Buy yourself lunch

Offset the cost of a subscription, or buy yourself lunch.

Community solar subscribers get a guaranteed lower bill of between 5% and 30%, depending on where you live. The savings can range from just a few dollars to over $30 per month. It’s an easy way to budget more effectively.

Our Process

Joining the solar community is like using a subscription service.

Instead of paying extra to join, we help you save money each month by making better choices about your energy generation options. “Clean energy for all” isn’t just something we tweet about, it’s our job, and we take it seriously.

Man working on solar pannels
Planning solar panels

Fill out the form, we’ll match you to a project.

Signing up for community solar is an easy way to lower your carbon footprint and your energy bills at the same time. We’ll pair you up with a local community solar farm and get you the best possible discount available. 

Contractually Gaurenteed Savings

Find Local Solar ProjectsNo risk. No upfront costs.

Save $5-$20 dollars a month

Community solar farms amplify the benefits of solar at scale.

Imagine if everyone could get solar without needing to own a home. Now you can. The transition to clean energy needs to be rapid, accessible, and inclusive. Community solar makes it easy for communities to transition away from dirty energy.

Find A Project Near You

Contractually guaranteed

If you sign up, you save money and the planet.

Community solar allows you to say goodbye to pipelines and fossil fuels. The process of switching to clean energy should be as easy and cost effective as possible. Check out what community solar energy projects we have available near you.

Lets Do It

Lower Energy Bills, Build A Sustainable Communities, Save Money And Donate It To Line 3 Native–American Water Defenders.

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