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Solar energy can save lives

Save lives by choosing solar energy. Fossil fuel pollution is poisoning people and has been linked to 1 in 5 deaths worldwide. Solar panel manufacturing is ten times better for the environment than dirty energy. We offset the carbon footprint for every solar panel we install, ensuring they are carbon neutral on day one.

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Home investment

Solar is a profitable and sustainable investment for your home.

The decision to go solar is a serious, long-term investment that pays off big time. Solar adds about $15,000 in equity to your home’s value, and average rooftop solar customers save $26,000 on electricity costs over 20 years.

Huge savings

Save up for an emergency, or for an emergency vacation.

Times can be stressful, with the pandemic and climate change to deal with, and we need to take action fast. We know your money matters to you. You can save money, save the planet, and live the life you deserve.


Beat the heat, and warm your feet. Lower energy bills.

Rooftop solar panel installation is a great way to invest in your home's long-term energy efficiency. We install energy-efficient rooftop solar panel systems designed to provide you with the lowest possible energy bill. Maxed Out Solar means maxed out savings.

Our Process

All we need from you is a recent utility bill.

  • You must own your home
  • Roof should face South, West, or East
  • Abundant sunlight = abundant wealth
  • Fully remote sales process for your safety and health
Family looking at rooftop solar plan
Couple With Rooftop Solar

Working together, we'll design an energy efficient rooftop solar system.

  • We'll give you a quick call to ensure solar makes sense
  • Set an appointment for a followup presentation on that call
  • We'll create several system proposals and present over Zoom
  • You choose the best option that makes the most sense!

Add $15,000 To Your Homes Re-Sale Value

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Green Energy

Every household that installs solar will help stabilize our grid.

​​The future of clean energy is distributed and decentralized microgrid technology. Eligible households can become a part of national and regional microgrid infrastructure by getting solar installed on the roof. Your home can become infrastructure and help protect grid stability.

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Clean Environment

Switching to rooftop solar means cleaner air and drinking water.

Solar energy is more efficient and environmentally friendly. Solar manufacturing processes use less water and help conserve. Once installed, the only water you may need for your solar system is if you clean it. Rain usually takes care of that!

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